Entrepreneur Corner “EZ Way Gives Back To Kids in Beverly Hills” E Z Way Broadcasting was honored to assist in giving back to the kids in Beverly Hills recently. The site was the Historical “Saban Theatre” on Wilshire Blvd in Beverly Hills and was hosted by award winning financial strategist Lisa Detanna who was accompanied by Beverly Hills Mayor Lili Bosse, Vice Mayor Julian Gold, Katherine McPhee, and a thousand kids. In our quest to make a difference, EZ Way joined this esteemed group of individuals whose resumes are extremely decorated. Speakers ranged from financial advisors, politicians and singers, to motivational and educational experts. This was all for a worthy cause, the children. Lisa Detanna who has been awarded numerous times for her dedicated efforts in financial strategies, was delighted to showcase her book “Treasures in the Winter Vault,” Co-Authored by Debbie Bertram, and illustrated by Kevin Greene. Mayor Lili Bosse along with Katherine McPhee read verses from the book to the one thousand kids in attendance, who were gleefully fed by “In and out Burger.” Vice Mayor Julian Gold possesses and impeccable resume as well. Hollywood’s It Guy Eric “EZ” Zuley got a chance to interview Lisa Detanna and Vice Mayor Julian Gold, who not to mention very shortly after the event was appointed as the New Mayor of Beverly Hills, which made EZ Way’s impromptu interview with him particularly worthwhile. He stated: “Teaching kids early in life how to manage money, is under spoken about, but very, very, important.” These beacons of hope were delighted to assist in elevating tomorrow’s pioneers. An interview with Life and Celebrity Coach Munni Irone, unveiled yet another impressive resume. Munni is at the forefront of a Global movement to empower women and youth. As she puts it: “I am a born philanthropist.” If you Google any of these names you’ll be overwhelmed by the personal and professional achievements of each of them and their dreams for all children. The Highlight of this event was an awe inspiring performance by the rock group “Gooding” from Wichita Kansas, who are traveling the country inspiring kids on the subject of financial literacy. I know you’re wondering how this is done! Okay, they perform an eclectic blend of classic rock dedicated to the signs of the times, and era’s for each song which the kids absorb soulfully. Then they stop the show to start mentoring the kids on the advantages of financial responsibility. Wow! I’ve never seen anything like it. They’ve been to the White House and schools nationwide. Special thanks: to the Beverly Hills City Council, NBC News, In-and-Out Burger, The Olympia Awards, Family Film Awards, Lisa Detanna, Ash Tabibnia, Katherine McPhee, Munni Irone, Eric & Jim Zuley and the EZ way Broadcasting team, for making a monumental difference! By: Dante “Reporter” Obligacion