EZ Way Radio “EZ Way’s exclusive interview with Judge Joe Brown” J udge Joe Brown was a guest on the EZ Way Broadcasting Podcast Radio show Thursday, and was insightful, humorous and most of all informative. He spoke of his recent run for DA in Shelby County, Tennessee, and of course becoming the first African American Judge with a television show which ran for fifteen years. He was also the first black prosecutor in the city of Memphis. Discussing his younger years revealed a love for music, for he served as a DJ for a stint, also his passion for movies, teaching, television programming and communications. The term “Cool” is rarely referred to when discussing arbiters, however attaching the moniker in this case was at least appropriate. We actually got Judge Joe Brown, to rap on air, and do impersonations. His elucidation of the stated laws in his jurisdiction recently landed him in contempt of court, for his defense of a woman who clearly needed defending. This seemed like a political ploy to prevent him from procuring a position in which he stated he would have made significant changes. With the present political climate in Shelby, they really could use Joseph Brown’s help. In an era of sensationalized journalism, one must not judge a person by their Google page alone. Digging deeper into the person behind the robe we discovered a man of principle’s, who understands the arduous task of guiding today’s youth. A lack of generational direction exuded by many, and the longing to help make the world a better place, puts him on the right side. Judge Joe Brown has a keen intuitive awareness of the trials the tribulations we face. His advice is clear and precise for today’s youth, and wayward souls. There is a disdain for the many youth who believe in a short-cut style of life which entails irresponsibility, the need to grow up, and one egregious era after another. He’s a firm believer that it starts in the home. A product of UCLA and Dorsey High School in Los Angeles, he traveled back east for an opportunity, which eventually pointed him due south, where he became a national sensation. He had the highest rated male-arbitrated show during its run, even though it was paired with Judge Judy’s, which was an amazing feet. They actually worked on the same set. With two sons from a previous marriage and a recent divorce, Brown is poi