ez way Red Carpet “Mansion Of Blood Premier Draws Hollywood Royalty” T he Grauman’s Egyptian Theatre was the site of a historic entertainment event on May 19 2015, which included two separate Award Shows and a Hollywood Premier complete with an eightyfoot Red Carpet. EZ Way Broadcasting covered this prestigious star-studded gala with Eric “EZ” Zuley joining the many Hollywood celebrities who walked the walk. The Premier was for “Mansion Of Blood,” which stars Gary Busey, along with some of Hollywood’s royalty and a menagerie of legendary entertainment family members. Names like LeGosi, Chaney, Power, Carradine, Pacino, Barrymore, Davis, Sizemore, O’Brien, York, Barris, Engles Moore and Hasselhoff, dawned the Red Carpet and or were affiliated with the film. Carla Leammle was one hundred and four when she passed last June and was an intricate part of the film. Her granddaughter gave a celebrated and insightful interview on the Red Carpet. The Award shows were in conjunction with the Southern California Motion Picture Society (SCMPS) for the 79th annual Founders Day Awards, which has been in existence since 1936, and the Hollywood Appreciation Society (HAS) for the Golden Halo Award. The (HAS’s) original president was Gary Cooper, now it’s Tom Tangen, who was present and amazed by the celebrity tournout. Renee Taylor, Michelle Tomlison, Joe Valone, and Marty Engles were on hand with the Golden Mask Award going to Rose Marie of the “Dick Van Dyke Show,” with Academy Award winner Margaret O’Brien presenting to her. Mimi Van Doren presented Hollywood exotic car genius George Barris with a special award. One of the Executive Producers, Tom Tangen was responsible for most of the festivities and a recent guest on the EZ Way Broadcasting Podcast Radio Show, where he shared some secrets with “EZ” about the filming of the movie “Mansion Of Blood” and his appreciation of working with entertainment royalty. Tom spoke of a particular diva actress, another drunken one, a thespian who refused to do a nude scene and a plethora of on the set antics at Mayhew Mansion, which he stated was “originally acquired through some nefarious dealings.” He also mentioned that the Mansion was of course haunted. Gary Busey was described as being an obviously genius actor with an interesting off screen persona, one that won’t be forgotten. It all made for one of the most entertaining shoots ever. Conglomerating these three events into one made for a spectacular media extravaganza. Interviews with Francine York, Margaret O’Brien, Calista Carradine, Katherine Kovin-Pacino, George Barris, Marty Engles, Amber Pacino, Jennifer Tapiero, Said Faraj and members of the hit TV Show “Little Women,” made for a very telling and colorful Hollywood Premier. And of course the film is hilarious! Busey plays “Zacharia” an ominous servant at Mayhew mansion that helps keep the inhabitants aghast in his own inimitable way. A lunar eclipse viewing party turns into a horror fest as a witch casts a spell to resurrect her dead boyfriend and the murders begin. With over sixty speaking roles or cameos from legendary Hollywood names, the question is, who will survive the onslaught and live to tell? There were so many stars and legendary family members it was both exhilarating and dizzying simultaneously. EZ Way Broadcasting will long remember this event as one of the most saturated with talent events we’ve covered, complete with Academy Award winners and a host of Oscar nominee’s and Hollywood legends.