EZ Way Fan’s Choice “Fan’s Choice is Brenton Tyler Hoffman’s Struggle” I n our quest to answer our fans requests at EZ Way Broadcasting, we are proud to feature the awe-inspiring story of Brenton Tyler Hoffman’s plight against Lyme disease, perpetuating his desire to also eradicate his body of degenerative joint disease brought on by this rare and insidious ailment. A thorough interview with him revealed an engaging, creative and challenged beacon of hope for all of us. A Huntington Beach native Brenton recalled being unable to walk or talk until the age of two and a half years due to Autism and ADHD. This created a condition developmentally delaying his growth process. The stage was set for overcoming adversity. By age five, blood infections and a hernia became momentary obstacles. “I was and am a walking miracle.” He mentioned the term High Functioning Autism as well. Though faced with this hindrance he was determined to be normal. Brenton is a talented, virile and charismatic writer, musician, rapper, actor and philanthropist who while trying to raise money for his own cause, has actually donated his own money at times to St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital and Cancer research charities. “I am here to inspire others in their challenges.” He spoke of saving people, which prompted me to delve further into his magical mystique. He possesses three surrogate manifestations, which include the “curious” individual who wonders why good times don’t last for long and happiness is a fleeting excitation. An opposite presence called “sleight of rhyme” where confidence, creativity and the consciousness of invincibility reign. And the “harmonic” actualization, balancing the trinity of characteristic’s within his mantra. Unmarried with no children of his own this pioneer of salvation was inspired early on by Dr. Dre’s beats and the music of NWA, stating that Easy E’ was one of his favorites. A lover of Rap, Rock, and trending hip-hop his tastes range from M&M and Lincoln Park to the Deftones. However, a survivor of domestic abuses and bullying, he relives his agonies and ecstasies through the music he creates. “Imagine an eleven year old kid wearing a hoodie walking the railroad tracks at three o’clock in the morning tagging objects while rapping,” he muttered while visualizing his mother being abused as well as himself by his stepdad and big brother. Searching for inner peace, “the moonlight was like the film Stand By Me.” Guns were pulled on him at school creating a dark and conservatory persona. Back in 2009/2010 he banded with a hip-hop group called “Lost Theory” who ultimately performed at the “House of Blues.” His proficiency in rapping is becoming widely known and his alluring appeal is infectious. The pernicious condition that remains to this day won’t devitalize this divine instrument of nature. Headaches, fever, fatigue and slurred speech never detoured him from his desire to skateboard and rollerblade. There are moments of debilitation where he can’t even formulate words to speak and express to people explaining what’s wrong with him. Yet he’s working with Viva Doll on a record project and recently acted in a film. He’s also working with a talented jazz singer named Minna Valentine. It is our position at EZ Way Broadcasting to help everyone we can, everywhere we can. We understand Brenton’s contention with MTHFR; a gene mutation affecting his detoxification system causing shut downs leading to toxin buildup and an array of other issues. So we join in his quest to enlighten, elevate and save souls. Please go to Itsmyurls.com and Iamsleightofrhyme.tk and support his epic cause and life.