EZWay Broadcasting is proud to announce Aria Slovacek as our model of the month! You already might know Aria as Sunshine Angel. She has already been working on several projects with EZ Way Broadcasting. Aria started modeling at the age of 3 for the famed Ford Agency. She stayed with Ford until the age of 14. She is a published model in several national magazines. She continues to model today, doing a lot of swimwear and catalog work. However, modeling is one of her many talents. She also studied acting at Lee Strasberg in Hollywood and was signed with the Abram's Artist agency. She currently finished being in the movie "Red to Black" where she was able to use a lot of her acting skills. Between balancing acting, modeling, and red carpet events; she is a nationally ranked tennis player, getting as high as number two in California. She plays up to 4 and 6 hours a day, but says it's one of her favorite parts of the day. She is very passionate about tennis. Aria trains with Mitch Bridge at the Southern California Tennis Academy in Long Beach and owes her rekindled spark with tennis to them. Beauty is simply what meets with Aria, she spends countless hours maintaining her 4.4 GPA. She believes a woman is not just a pretty face, nor is anyone–that everyone has a beauty in spirit, soul, and intellect underneath his/her exterior. Aria entered the Miss Teen Anaheim USA Pagaent in May–it was her first pagaent. She came in first runner up. Thanks to the pagaent direction given to her by Giselle Boone. Very shortly she is going to be competing in Miss Teen Napa Valley USA. If she wins, she will be competing for Miss Teen California USA. She took away so many positive relationships and valuable life lessons from her experience in pageants and working with her coach. Her upbringing has really helped mold who she is today. Her mother was born in Paris, France and her father was Born in Czech Republic. She is also Swiss and Italian–considering herself a European mutt. She has extended family in Switzerland and Czech Republic. Aria holds a Swiss passport as well as an US passport. Her childhood consisted of frequent traveling all over Europe, which contributed to her since of adventure and culture. One of her favorite places to travel is the Cannes, France and Paris, France. Something you wouldn't expect from Aria, is that she is a huge foodie. You will never see her skip a meal or suffer from lack of food. She suffers from love of food, but quite enjoys it. She will always ask you what you ate and to describe your eating experience. She is a huge advocate of anti-bullying, feeding the less fortunate, and helping impoverished countries with education. Something you might find fascinating about Aria's family history is that her grandfather, Jean Michel, was a stuntman in over 60 films. Some of them including "Dr. Zhivago", "Cleopatra", "Lawrence of Arabia", and "Clash of the Titans". He was also the stunt double for Omar Sharif in all of his movies. Her grandfather continues to be a huge role model for her and she loves hearing his stories about all of the wonderful people he has been fortunate to work with. Here at Ez Way Broadcasting, we all think that our very own Sunshine Angel has an extremely bright future and we can't wait to give you updates on how her life will continue to unfold.