eZWay Magazine Jan. 2016 - Page 75

?HAPPY HEART MOMENT? Hope and Act ion By Jesse Torrero A HAPPY HEART MOMENT, what is it? It is a moment in time in your life where you completely feel, from your heart that all is good, and all is right, and all is going in the direction you want, it?s what I call a HAPPY HEART MOMENT. Unfortunately most people have very few of these, maybe never feel that way at all. If they had that ?HHM?once they do not know how to get back to it. This is the area where you are most creative, most intelligent, most loving, most helpful, and most aware of your life?s direction. My name is Jesse Torrero and I have spent most of my life in this realm, and when I have fallen out of it negative things happened, and failures piled up, and in fact I almost died from an un-happy heart of many negative moments. My goal has, and always will be, is to meet you on the level, be square with you, and right bringing you the truth of the power of positive outcomes, and show you how to have at least one HAPPY HEART MOMENT a day. To give you the tools that will help you have many ?HHM?s. So, lets talk about hope and action. Hope is the feeling that what is wanted will happen. Action is the doing of something towards that hope. History tells us that hope and action when combined to gather create a binding force that is impossible to separate. Take for instance the Spartans. With just 300 men from Sparta they held off 100,000s of warriors from the Persian Empire at Thermopile, which in turn saved all of the people living in Athens. They were able to evacuate the city before the Persian Army got there. Sports tells us that hope and action when connected becomes something that cannot be separated. For those of you who remember Mohamed Ali, some will argue he was the greatest fighter in the sweet science of boxing that the world has ever seen, and perhaps will never see again. How could he defeat the huge and thunderous opponent George Foreman who was just destroying everybody in his path. He was bigger, stronger and just plain meaner than Ali. Yet Ali and his ?Rope a Dope?allowed him to knock Big george out, something that nobody every did before or after that fight. The world shows us so many images today. Everyday hero?s rising to the occasion to do something so impossible that it is just unbelievable to anybody that witnesses it. There is a singer today that as a child was left to die as a baby. He had disabled legs, disabled hands, and disabled arms. He was found and was moved halfway around the world and adopted by a Australian family. He grew up and God bestowed on him a gift. The ability to sing. So he worked hard, struggled, worked harder, got knocked down and got back up, stepped through all the challenges and naysayers to walk out on stage in the Australian version of the X Factor and won the audience, the judges, and the world with John Lennon?s powerful song ?Imagine?. For all intent and purpose he should have died as a child, and at the very best just survive. Hope and Action is the mix that greatness comes out of. Right now take your dream, put a dash of hope in it, then add lots of action, and some more hope, and some more action, and some more hop and your life will change because hope and action produce a ?HAPPY HEART MOMENT?. winwinwininc@yahoo.com - Motivational Speaker, Author, AVTV LIVE! CEO/ Exe.Prod./ Host - Syndicated Radio Personality www.aventertainmentlive.com - Co-Director of the Coalition Against Human Trafficking in Los Angeles CAHT - Real Estate Broker. 73.