eZWay Magazine Jan. 2016 - Page 71

WORD FROM MICHAEL ST. JOHN When finished writing books "HOLLYWOOD THROUGH THE BACK DOOR", MICHAEL'S WORLD and the Pre-Braodway play "Feelin' Sin Comin' On", I needed something even more challenging. After having worked as a director at NBC, PR director at 20th Century, Ass't Casting Dir. at MGM, Editor in Chief - PLAYERS INT'L, Actors Agent - STAR AGENCY, Entertainment Reporter for 20 years - KDIA RADIO (S.F), composed GRAMMY AWARD SYMPHONIC WORK "FLIGHT OF COLUMBIA AND DANCES OF REMEMBRANCE" and the list goes on representing so many years, somehow, I was still restless, hungry to challenge something else and when approached by ERIC ZULEY about EZ WAY MAGAZINE and the idea behind it, helping people to understand and enjoy life more fully in this very technological world, I suddenly realized how exciting it might be in seeing how far we might take the journey. Even after a very short time of being connected with Eric and his dad as well as the extremely talented staff assembled, I am even more excited to contribute in any possible way in making EZ Way a revolutionary ultra positive experience for all involved, especially the general community. 69.