eZWay Magazine Jan. 2016 - Page 69

MVA?s Founders said: ?Our ef f ort l ies on del ivering a t rue experience using prof essional equipment , a st af f of prof icient musicians, and numerous perf ormances on t he MVA st age as wel l as ot her venues in f ront of real l ive audiences. We bel ieve t hat st ars are born by l earning music t hrough pl aying music. Our st udent s l earn by experiencing bot h t he l esson room and t he st age, hel ping t hem t o devel op t heir conf idence and musicianship. Our t eachers l ove t o pl ay and perf orming is a great part of t heir l ives. They are qual if ied prof essional musicians t hat are egger t o coach st udent s t o t he f inest point s of t heir inst rument , whil e t eaching t hem everyt hing t here is t o know about perf orming in a l ive show. We educat e our st udent s and guide t hem t o perf orm music t hey l ove t o pl ay, cl assic rock t o f unk, al t ernat ive, reggae, heavy met al , indie and many ot hers. Our perf ormance-based coaching t echnique is a capt ivat ing experience t hat encourages our st udent s t o be t heir best .? 67.