eZWay Magazine Jan. 2016 - Page 59

eZWay Radio is a Web/ Mobile based podcast station broadcasted by Blog Talk Radio a platform that has over 1 million shows and subscribers. eZWay Broadcasting sponsors 4 shows on the station. Boomer News Radio hosted by Betty Whites Off Their Rockers star Reatha Grey & founder of Hopetoun.org James Zuley. Beauty Pop hosted by Miss North America United Nations Amber Martinez, Live Today hosted by John Johnson works with Oprah & Dr. Estella Sneider a celebrity therapist & tv personality. Last but not least we have eZ Talk Live which is hosted by Top Ten # 7 most influential person on twitter Eric Zuley who they call the digital Dick Clark. This station reaches over 100 countries and is creeping on its 1 M listener. The station is promoted through the eZWay Broadcasting social media network. This network has a very large reach and blog distribution. eZWay Broadcasting has covered and interviews some of the top stars and public figures in the world. Angelina Jolie, Brad Pitt, Mayors, Senators, Motivational speakers to name a few. The eZWay radio station archived show is also accessible through our mobile app eZWay available at your Apple & Google Play store. Should you want to advertise with us or be a guest on any of our shows contact 424-209-9290 or email booking@ezwaybroadcasting.com 57.