eZWay Magazine Jan. 2016 - Page 46

By Dant e Obl igacion: M I DDL E M AGI C ?The Divine and Opul ent Carmel it a Pit t man? EZ Way Broadcast ing is proud to recognize someone who was inspired at a young age by art, moreover, inspired by the genius of a mom who created sidewalk drawings compelling enough for neighbors to walk around daily as to not damage the masterpiece. ?Carmel it a,? as she?s known, conceptualized her mom?s art and drew an Indian in full headdress at the age of four. But there was something else driving her passion and it bordered on her mother teaching her that giving is more important than receiving. Therefore, Carmelita has spent a lifetime giving to Charities, bettering society while creating silky- soothing music which radiates a spiritual and emotional vibration of stillness, reverie and peace leading us towards serenity and tranquility. No stranger to audiences, she has competed in artistic endeavors since childhood and has been awarded numerous times for her gallant efforts in helping the disadvantaged and less fortunate. Her love for her mother prompted Carmelita to found the ?Rose Breast Cancer Societ y,? in honor of the multi-talented and angelically deistic ?Juanit a Zara Espinosa Uddin.? Ja?Net DuBois of ?Good Times,? said: ?connecting the right people together is one her greatest gifts,? when speaking of the networking proficiency Carmelita is blessed with. Her innate ability to reveal for a person the right path or person to journey with is a spiritual endowment seldom seen by one. This speaks to the altruism and the magnanimity of this angel of divine opulence. A multiple award winner, she has produced ensembles, award assemblies, recorded music and even produced an educational rap record entitled ?School of Cool ,? with Michael Wycoff of RCA Records which made the charts, along with two other songs she recorded entitled: ?Isn?t It Lonel y? and ?Rosebud,? which were produced by her husband Jerry Pittman. The latter two are now rare vinyl recordings, which have fetched up to $2,000 per single in the United Kingdom, Scotland, Australia and parts of Japan adding to her global outreach and magical mystique. She is a singer, writer, producer, philanthropist, teacher, creator and ambassador of good will. Living proof that class is not what you have, or do, but who you are! Carmelita?s philanthropic omnipresence was on full display when as President of St. Paul?s Catholic Church Parish Pastoral Council she produced the first intercultural concert to promote the celebration of diversity and unity in the wake of the events of 911. She performed alongside the late great ?James Brown? at the Greek Theatre in Los Angeles which was a historical event. Creating and hosting Pre-Grammy Part ies into major black-tie affairs was a specialty of hers as she attracted over the years the likes of artists such as: Eddie Murphy, Arsenio Hall, Dennis Edwards, James Brown, MC Hammer, Tina Marie, Sister Sledge, and Fay Hauser to name a few. Whatever she puts her hands on turns to gold and reveals the lore of Carmel it a Pit t man. 44.