eZWay Magazine Jan. 2016 - Page 4

Expression of Body Language: Key t o Success By Dr. Estella Sneider Body language, more than our words, is what gets people to like us, trust us, or mistrust us. Whether we realize it or not, the messages we give to others is mainly through our non-verbal communication. Understanding how to project confident body language is essential to personal and professional success. Some people are born with charisma, and for those who are not, the good news is we can learn it. Charisma is a combination of having presence, power and, most importantly, warmth. In a one-on-one situation, we must be fully present when a person speaks to us. Maintain eye contact. Don?t be checking your cell phone messages. Listen attentively. Don?t interrupt. When you are fully present, whether you are talking to one person or facing an audience, make a connection. Get them to feel they are the center of the universe. Lack of self-confidence is the biggest roadblock to charisma. You have to change those negative intruding thoughts by creating a new inner dialog. Tell yourself that you know exactly what you are doing, and that you can do it successfully. Repeat it in front of a mirror every morning. Make it your mantra. You will eventually come to believe it because you know you are good at it. These positive self-perceptions will become your new reality. You are well on your way to self-confidence and charisma. Another approach is to use what actors call method acting. In method acting, the actor becomes the character he or she is playing. This triggers the authentic emotions and body language belonging to that character. Similarly, athletes are encouraged by their coaches to visualize their success just prior to performance. It works. One way to increase your performance prior to speaking to an audience is to keep your shoulders back. This simple postural adjustment expands the chest, which produces a release of hormones. That biochemical boost will help you be in peak performance. Power is having the ability to utilize our talents to impact others. Our power may come from our personal appearance, grooming, posture, voice fluctuations, and facial expressions, but most of all it comes from the demeanor in the communication of body language. With awareness and practice of the above-mentioned techniques, your self-confidence will strengthen, and your body language will organically reflect these improvements. You charisma will skyrocket. So enjoy the new and improved YOU! 2.