eZWay Magazine Jan. 2016 - Page 39

NEW GOLDEN A GE HOLLYWOOD STYLE. . . . WITHOUT A DOUBT the glittering, explosive launching of ERIC ZULEY'S EZ WAY MAGAZINE recently at the home of business executive MATT BOLTON, thundered over the rain in the Hollywood Hills, as if it was a sequel to Gone With the Wind. The cars were lined for blocks and guests, dressed to the-T hustled to the front door of the home to be welcomed by JIM ZULEY, father of "Eric." It was like the old days when everyone sensed they were about to experience something extraordinary and exciting. The setting for the gathering was similar to that of a multi - film grouping of rooms; a stage, relaxing area, dining area linked with a lower level to a film theater, one which Gloria Swanson (Sunset Boulevard) would have died for. No matter where you turned there was the enticing scent of Italian food to die for, prepared by Cel ebrit y Chef Anna Chef Anina Radoyce who definitely made an impression on the notable guests. The Billionaire group of guests clearly made their presence known. It was good to see Countess Aluca, Lord Little Newton, Dr. Yangela, Brian Nelson Willis, Snezhana Willis and Lily Dedukh, all members of the BILLIONAIRES CLUB of Beverly Hills. Eric Zuley (EZ Way's publisher & CEO) has been accepted as a member, as well. Other noted guests included: Rosalyn Kahn (Int'l Speech expert), Many Lopez (CEO & Founder Custom Online Branding, Sal Scorza - Art Dir., American Music Awards, Golden Globe and Grammy Awards; Michael Zanetis (CEO, King Zize Film Prod., Inc.), Josh Moreland, Int'l Arts Assoc.; Sophia Alvarez, Ed. of Ezway; Carmelita Pittman & 2015 Rose Diamond Award Honoree April Sutton, Dr. Marc T. Voss (Regimes Museum), Sebastian Cano-Besquet (Composer for Film & TV), Laci Kay & Faith Jefferies performed beautifully as TV hosts (Actors Reporter Live), Tehrah, Lillian Walker and Moe Rock. The pre-launching of EZ Way Magazine was a major success. It reminded those of us who have been a part of the industry for quite a long time that Hollywood is not stilted or stumped for solid, exciting ideas because we currently have people around us with a vision. When remembering conversations with the likes of Jack Warner, Mike Frankovich, Louis B. Meyer, Arthur Freed, my old boss Richard Zanuck, it was very clear to me that ERIC ZULEY and his dad JIM were made of the same stuff that has made HOLLYWOOD a conduit for those who dare to dream beyond the mountain top. By: Michael St. John michaelstjohn2000@yahoo.com Canyon News Beverly Hills 37.