eZWay Magazine Jan. 2016 - Page 35

Top 10 Most Influential On Twitter by Weekly Billboard Magazine Eric Zuley?s 5 secret s t o net working yoursel f t o f urt her success 1. Being remembered ? When you?re going to a event or function always make sure to dress where people remember you. Always do something unique so you stand out above the bunch. 2. Get t ing t he cont act - Always get their info so you have the power to call them. Don?t just give your card. Try to call them right there and then so you know it?s the right # (Wink) 3. Don?t come across - like your trying to work with them because you want something or you are interested in what they can do for you. Be yourself! Be nice and humble build report first. Plant a seed that you can come back to when you follow up. 4. Fol l ow Up ? Follow up is probably one of the most important steps. Don?t just get some ones card, # or email then not call them. Show them that you?re interested. When you contact them you already followed # 1, which is being remembered. Mention.. (Hey I was the guy in the fedora hat or I was the girl with a flower in my hair. So they remember you right away. 5. None of t his mat t ers - if you don?t have your package and substance together when they do research on you. Make sure your Google search is stellar and impressive. Make sure you have your stuff together when you are following up. Should you need help with this step visit EZWAYPROMOTIONS.COM Or download my Eric Zuley or eZWay App Free on Apple or Android. 33.