eZWay Magazine Jan. 2016 - Page 32

@MzSadie is the combined effort of media personality and global entrepreneur Sadie Stebbins and her team of ?aces?; six young women who are learning business, perfecting their communication skills and working to improve the world through lives of good works, happiness and positivity. @MzSadie is one of the fastest growing organic accounts on Periscope and the simple, positive messages from all their networked accounts have earned over 100,000 combined viewers in a few short weeks? and growing. The @MzSadie messages seemingly cover everything including good morning well wishes, daily business lessons for new entrepreneurs, fitness and nutrition tips, expert health talk, incredible worldwide travel deals, positive philosophies, sports, enjoyable field trips to offbeat destinations and a lot of fun in the Florida sun. Their followers are fiercely loyal to @MzSadie?s dozen plus national and global product and service brands and act as a self-appointed virtual street team to aggressively promote their message through social media sharing, the creation of music mixes and theme songs and a variety of other supportive creative endeavors. In return, the supportive Periscope accounts get constant cross promotion on the @MzSadie family of accounts. As Periscope grows expect to see CEO Sadie Stebbins and her ?aces? including model, singer and actress Samantha Rakell, Janessa the Intern, finance whiz gal Lauren Plunk, and Alexandra Universe provide content to millions of live viewers weekly and help change the world through their tagline, ?it?s a global takeover.? Five percent of all global revenues earned by the multiple brands in the @MzSadie during 2016 go to helping to eliminate childhood starvation through contributions to Feed My Starving Children and through supporting childhood health and wellness through contributions to The Shriners Hospitals for Children. Periscope account and names in order: 1. Image 3519......@samantharakell Samantha, @epicmillennials Alexandra, @lauren_paige2727 Lauren, @jane713 Janessa the Intern, @mzsadie Sadie 2. Image 8391 @lauren_paige2727 Lauren, @jane713 Janessa the Intern, @soloofficial Liz @mzsadie Sadie, @samantharakell Samantha, @epicmillennials Alexandra 3. Bikini photo we received through twitter from a live viewer: It was taken when we were LIVE 30.