eZWay Magazine Jan. 2016 - Page 29

By: Dante Obligacion Scope Bombing is A Freedom That Cut s Bot h Ways? Streaming Audio and Video is the basis for Periscope, which is vastly changing the Internet. It?s also affecting television, movies and the ratings systems. Anyone can go live as a personality or want-to-be journalist now. Seekers of new forms of entertainment are ecstatic. Periscope is an app, which allows people the freedom to congregate viewers instantaneously from wherever they are, even if they?re somewhere that Scope Bombing is prohibited. Thus the double-edge sword comes into play. You can compile viewers or lawsuits collectively. Keeping in mind copyright infringement, it is relatively easy to show the world something they?re not allowed to see, for instance a live concert. By the same token one could walk a boardwalk while doing a mobil e comedic act and amass thousands of viewers spontaneously. Responses vary from sublime to ridiculous. You can become extremely popular or vehemently hated, so be careful how you utilize this revolutionary element of industrial science. Eric ?EZ? Zuley is a master of transforming these types of technology into advantageous euphoria. EZ Way Broadcast ing is pioneering epic changes in the entertainment industry by recognizing the curves that lay ahead and applying ingenuity to illustrate proper use of automation epitomizing validity. As we blast into the new mil l ennium you can expect a new form of advertising and a suffocating need for instant gratification. Less television viewers, more people with their heads in their phones during live entertainment events. Go to a ballgame and look around. However, if you think you are all alone in this world try scoping and watch what happens. You will find that other people share your concerns, needs and desires. So what-do-you-say we al l go scoping! 27.