eZWay Magazine Jan. 2016 - Page 23

The Moe Rock Law Of Success For Ent repreneurs The Law: Give Back To The Communit y As entrepreneurs we are blessed with the ability to live life on our terms. Consequently, we also have a great responsibility to the community we live in to uplift and enhance the quality of life of those in need. As I am writing this, I just came back from a EZWAY Cares event in partnership with Manny Lopez which blessed over a hundred children this holiday season with gifts by way of Toys for Tots. As I looked around the room and saw world renowned entrepreneurs like Shellie Hunt and Lillian Walker I was not only humbled to be in their presence but reminded how much of a responsibility we have been given by the universe to use our collective power for the greater good. In my journey on planet earth I have traveled well over twenty countries and met thousands of people who I can call friends from all walks of life. I can tell you first hand that the happiest people with the most fulfilled and content auras were the people that gave back to their communities and helped uplift the world. I do not believe it is also a coincidence that the overwhelmingly majority of these selfless people also happened to have the best quality of life. Indeed, there is a correlation between giving and receiving. Putting forward your positive love filled energy connects you and brings you back to a very basic human value which all of us on planet earth collectively share. As we head into the new year remember the number of law of success. GIVING BACK. God bless you and I love you all. 28. 21.