eZWay Magazine Jan. 2016 - Page 22

?The Lady of Love ~ Light? Cont. WHO IS MUNNI IRONE? Wit h my best l ist ening ears she begins t o t el l me about a very import ant and moving experience she had just had a f ew weeks ago. A very angry bunch of young men t al ked t o t heir Rabbi and t ol d him t hey were very upset about t errorism and it made t hem very angry. This dist urbed t he Rabbi, so he reached out t o his f riend Munni f or some discussion on t he mat t er. Ms. Irone asked t o set up a meet ing wit h t hese young men and t he Rabbi did so. Wit h several hours of t al king, counsel ing, l ist ening and sharing t he angry young men real ized t hat everyt hing is l iving t hat is around t hem, t hat l ove comes f rom l oving each ot her nat ural l y, t hat il l usion is onl y t he surf ace t hat is manipul at ed, t hat posit ivit y and peace l ive inside peopl e not on t he out side, but f rom t he inside. These and many more l essons were given t o t hem in a posit ive environment of underst anding, and appreciat ion f or just being t hemsel ves and showing t hem t hat t hey are signif icant . Al l t hese young men had breakt hroughs, cried f or t he f irst t ime in t heir l ives which opened up t heir heart s t o t he idea t hat l ove is more import ant and powerf ul t han anger because it l eads t o peace. Munni shared wit h me t hat t his experience st rengt hened her resol ve t hat many can change t he worl d t hrough l ove. That is why Art s f or Peace was creat ed and is f l ourishing quickl y and growing int ernat ional l y-expot ent ial l y. What a l esson she gave t hem, wit hout t hem even knowing it . WHO IS MUNNI IRONE? A women who just a f ew short weeks ago put t oget her a major event out of not hing in a short period of t ime here in Los Angel es t he March For Peace t hrough t he Art s For Peace f oundat ion where l ot s of peopl e here in Los Angel es marched in whit e and bl ack f rom Cit y Hal l t o USC and ral l ied f or peace and l ove at t he USC Raddison. Many gat hered t o part icipat e and pl edge t o cont inue t his work. You can see a show about t he event on www.avent ert ainment l ive.com AVTV LIVE! Host ed by TV and Radio Personal it y Jesse Torrero on t he Digit al Broadcast ing Net work who covered t his import ant event . At t he same t ime a huge event wit h t he Art s For Peace t ook pl ace in New Jersey/ NewYork. A women who wal ked in t he Mart in Lut her King, Jr. Parade just a f ew weeks ago wit h Mast er Chief Anina, and Carmel it a Pit t man showing t hat Art s f or Peace wil l not onl y t al k t he t al k, but wal k t he wal k f or our gl obal communit y and peace in t he worl d. WHO IS MUNNI IRONE? An exampl e t hat one women, one man, one person can change t he worl d t hrough l ove and peace. A women t hat makes each and every one of us ask, WHO, AM I??? 20.