eZWay Magazine Jan. 2016 - Page 21

'The Lady of Love ~ Light? by Jesse Torrero I was asked t o do a st ory about Munni Irone. I knew who she was on t he surf ace, I knew t hat she was a giving person, I knew she had been part of t he non-prof it charit abl e event scene here in Los Angel es f or many decades, but t hen in t hose circl es everybody knows Munni Irone. So, I went on t he idea t hat I want ed t o peal back some of t he l ayers of t his knowl edge and see anot her l evel of Munni Irone. I cal l ed her up and we began our conversat ion wit h my f irst and onl y quest ion; WHO IS MUNNI IRONE? Mart ial Art ist , Chi-Gong and medit at ion expert , successf ul business women, Col l ege Graduat e, parent and mot her, educat or, beaut y expert , phil ant hropist , l eader, a woman of act ion and commit ment , a survivor of abuse, The Queen of Phil ant hropy Of Beverl y Hil l s, 100s of honors and t rophies, and medal s, and commendat ions, a proponent of peace in t he worl d, a women who has met many worl d l eaders one on one, a publ ished mul t i book aut hor, a worl d t ravel er, and THE l ady in charge of t he Art s For Peace movement t oday (a4pawards.com), This st il l did not answer my quest ion; WHO IS MUNNI IRONE? Years ago as a chil d coming f rom f amil y t hat had al l t hey needed. Munni al ways f el t a passion f or giving. She t el l s a st ory of when her f amil y woul d give her pocket money she woul d give it al l away t o t hose t hat needed it more, wit hout t el l ing her parent s. This means t hat t he concept s of giving t o ot hers comes f rom a nat ural pl ace in her soul . Providing f or ot hers wit hout t hinking about hersel f . Hmmmm? t he care of many out weighs t he care of t he one! These insight s begin t o shape a basic underst anding f or me about her and why her f ut ure phil ant hropic ideol ogy is in pl ace going way back t o her beginnings. Leaders are born, l eadership is nat ural , l eaders do not al ways become l eaders because l eadership must be put int o major act ion according t o Munni Irone. Their must be more t hough. So my journey cont inues and t he quest ion st il l beckons f or more inf ormat ion and an answer; WHO IS MUNNI IRONE? I was not real l y f inding out who t he real person is. I decided t o t ake anot her pat h and asked her about t he Chinese Art of rel axat ion-energy-and breat hing cal l ed Chi Gong and medit at ion as t o why t his has pl ayed a signif icant rol e in her l if e. ?I Live in a st at e of medit at ion everyday," Munni says. What does t his do f or you t hat hel ps you, I asked, as Ms Irone rel at ed, ?you must f ind you f irst bef ore you can hel p peopl e?. Furt her expressing, ?every one of us has a l it t l e boy or girl in t hem," ?t he essence of al l peopl e are t he same," ?most are running af t er an il l usion where ego get s in t he way?. Yep? here we go now! This is just al l hocus pocus abra-cada-bra, is where my mind went . Okay!? My swami-wami, I?m saying t o mysel f rol l ing my eyes, ?Man?I f eel l ike I?m at a new age sel f hel p convent ion where we al l are going t o hol d hands, swing l ef t t o right and sing Kumbaya! Then Munni asks me a quest ion, which t akes me by surprise. What did you see in me when we f irst met ? I rel at ed t he word QUIET, t hen sil ence on t he phone. Tick-Tock as t he Cl ock goes, more sil ence. Then it hit me I?m right in t he middl e of an OXYMORON. A pet it sof t spoken women of great t hought , QUIET, gent l e, el egant , a l ady who is QUIET-t hat word again? Yet , she moves mount ains, giant wal l s, against insurmount abl e odds t o hel p organizat ions around t he worl d wit h mil l ions and mil l ions of donor dol l ars t hat she raises f rom t he most f amous peopl e on t he pl anet , doing somet hing t hat shoul d t ake t he LARGEST, LOUDEST, MOST POWERFUL machines, peopl e, government s and corporat ions t o do, but of t en cannot . This QUIET-CALM person does t his everyday. What a l esson she just gave me, wit hout me even knowing it . 19.