eZWay Magazine Jan. 2016 - Page 16

By Dante Obligacion: ?The Era of Shel l ie Hunt ? We are standing on the edge of time, facing the imperfect science of life. Turning to experts for guidance is a rewarding way to define our paths, for wisdom is taught in a myriad of ways. Dame Shellie Hunt, is: an Author, Speaker, Philanthropist and world renowned Business Strategist, ?I am animate about creating women leaders.? She is the game-changing antidote required to procure a profitable future for all. Her life mission is to empower those in need. Shellie has been recognized by three different U.S. Presidents, most recently by President Obama with the Lifetime Achievement ?Service Award,? for her service beyond race, creed and religion. Her tireless effort in transforming lives and the incessant desire to give back has elevated people worldwide. Her assiduous calendar is already full through July of next year. Hunt possesses an inherent ability to humble herself to the masses in a most stimulating, motivating and liberating way. ?Business is meant to serve us.? Conceptualizing this reveals the angel in our midst. ?I haven?t done enough,? she said, humbly recognizing integrity and honesty. As an Author, she provides a seamless blend of wisdom, direction and foresight. The depth of her devotion is deep enough to swim in. One of the richest qualities she possesses is the ability to absorb your ideals and expectations, and deliver a literary antidote, which enlightens, inspires and elevates. It?s more than reading for answers, it figuratively creates teachers out of all of us. As a Speaker, she opens you up to a world of transformational bliss. As you listen, you?ll realize that Shellie actually gets it. One should take part in her speaking engagements, for listening carefully will turn your curiosity into necessary questions, offering the opportunity for well informed game changing answers. You?ll obtain an ability to mentor yourself as well as others. Philanthropy is the most heavenly desire to help in the ascension of one?s needs. This beautifully stylish and elegant humanitarian is at the forefront of giving back. The energy and enthusiasm exhibited by this extraordinary soul is unparalleled, for she becomes your answer, and nothing short of your guardian angel. One should exhibit ?service from that place of gratitude.? Business Strategist and Branding Specialist is a specialty talent she takes whole-heartedly, and is one of her most dedicated traits. She ingratiates one?s talents, meditates the possibilities, and guides one towards optimum acuity. Once you hear Shellie speak, you?ll expatiate on the universes offerings, and maximize your full potential. Then she watches you succeed, which is her ultimate reward. ?I like to see my clients fly!? Shellie?s Women of Global Change ?Gateway Program,? is leading ?women to finding their gift and talent.? A comprehensive ?48 hour business plan for women? will ?allow them to have something in their hands.? ?Have something you own that is yours.? This is of vital importance. Stating that ?people get exactly what they ask for,? She understands that success ?is meant for those who are willing to pay the price.? ?Another drop in the bucket will change the world.? Her opulent lifestyle you think would preclude her from such tasks. You couldn?t be more wrong. She has done this for so long, she doesn?t know how not to be your directional savior. Many of us desire to be admired and respected. This can come to fruition if one understands their obligation to better this world. If we dig deep enough to find our sole purpose, we can attain this goal. Or we can simply consult the Dame, and enter ?The Era of Shellie Hunt.? 14.