Eye Focus June 2017 - Page 6

The Canadian Scene Canadians love their eyewear. Last year, Canadians purchased about 7.3 million pairs of optical frames, about 8.2 million pairs of lenses - about eight per cent of which were tinted - and 10.5 million pairs of plano sunglasses, according to 2016 data from The Vision Council. Thankfully, Canada has many eyewear manufacturers and distributors to feed our desire for the latest and greatest in on-trend and cutting-edge sunglasses and optical frames. Here are some of the companies, along with a sample of one of their products, that are either based solely in Canada or have their headquarters here. SPECTACLE EYEWORKS Eyeworks, based in Vancouver, B.C., was created in 1996 by Mehran Baghaie and has garnered a repu- tation for producing premium quality Spectacle By Denis Langlois RAPP OPTICAL Rapp Optical was originally established in 1983 as a high-end retail optical dispen- sary in Toronto. frames that display ingenuity in design and construction. Today, the company designs and manufactures limited col- The company’s brands include Spectacle, Pussy Galore, lections of bespoke hand-finished eyeglasses, which it pro- vides wholesale to a select number of optical shops through- out the world and sells at its store at 788 College St. >> rappoptical.ca Retro and Wood & Horn collections. >> spec-eyeworks.com 6 EYE FOCUS | June Digital 2017