Eye Focus June 2017 - Page 12

CENTENNIAL Centennial Optical offers the widest selection of lens options available to protect against ultra- violet and the harmful High Energy Visible light spectrum. Its CHOICE BluSelect lenses filter virtually 100 per cent of UV and HEV light to 420nm and beyond without being dependent on a coating to reflect or filter this harmful high-energy light. The lenses are now available in six different monomers: 1.50 and 1.56 indexes, polycarbonate and 1.60, 1.67 and 1.74 high indexes. Centennial also offers the new Kodak Total Blue Lens 1.60 index finished single-vision lenses, a hybrid le ns product that incorporates blue light-filtering properties in the lens material as well as a special multi-layer blue light coating that is applied to the front of the lens to help filter up to 80 per cent of HEV blue light. For the past four years, Centennial has also distributed BluTech lenses in Canada in both indoor and outdoor lens options. BluTech lenses filter high-energy blue and ultra-violet light using ocular lens pigment combined with melanin infused in a high-impact lens material. Centennial also offers CHC AR Blocker as a custom coating. The anti-reflective coating filters out the harmful light of the blue-violet and ultra-violet range from natural and artificial light sources while letting the good light pass through. >> centennialoptical.com 12 EYE FOCUS | June Digital 2017