Eye Focus June 2017 - Page 11

Here are some of the lenses and sunglasses on the market today that are designed to protect people from potentially harmful exposure to blue light: ESSILOR Three lenses from Essilor have been developed to protect the eyes from blue light and reduce digital eye strain. Crizal Prevencia lenses feature Light Scan technology, which blocks 20 per cent of harmful blue-violet light; a protection level that could alleviate the cumulative risk of age-related macular degeneration. At the same time, the lenses preserve maximum transmission of visible light, including blue-turquoise light which has beneficial effects for vision and overall well-being. Crizal Prevencia also offers optimal UV protection with E-SPF 50, the best protection in a clear lens. PROTEC Crizal light for well- Eyezen+ lenses, meanwhile, are enhanced single-vision lenses that were specifically designed to relax the eyes while protecting visual health. The lenses help to reduce visual fatigue even with prolonged use of a smart- phone and offer better readability of small characters. Eyezen+ lenses include a Smart Blue Filter, which pro- vides embedded protection against harmful blue light in a lens clear in appearance, preserving short and long-term eye health. (1) A new ind Crizal Pr Varilux Digitime lenses by Essilor also feature the Smart Blue Filter, along with a new ultra-near-vision zone located below the near-vision zone to support the accommodative efforts required for smartphone usage. The lenses also boast a new and unique fitting parameter called ScreenDistance Personalization for an optimized position of the intermediate vision zone for maximum comfort and improved body posture. 95080_ANN_CRIZAL_PREVENCIA.indd 1 >> crizal.ca, eyezen.ca or varilux.ca