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EYE TEACHING TOOL FOR DOCS Academics have created a new virtual reality tool that allows medical students to replicate eye examinations and learn first-hand how to diagnose hard-to-spot conditions which may otherwise go unnoticed. The new app, developed at Birmingham City University in the United Kingdom, uses a mobile phone and a virtual reality headset to show enhanced, close-up and moveable images of an eye’s interi- or to allow users to learn how to perform the correct diagnostic procedures when performing routine eye examinations. Eye examinations are one of the early methods used to diagnose underlying conditions such as haemorrhages, diabetes or raised intracranial pressure. They require a doctor to shine a light directly into the eyes of a patient to look for irregularities in blood vessels or tissue in the back of the eye. It can be difficult for trainees to find patients with the right ailments for practice examinations, making it hard to learn what key indicators of health issues look like. Examinations over longer periods can also cause discomfort for patients. The new virtual reality system will eliminate these issues and allow doc- tors to use a mobile phone and virtual reality headset to view an array of conditions, spend time over their di- agnoses and test themselves on which conditions are present. It also provides the opportunity to use moving images and 360 views which replicate the conditions of a real-world examination instead of still photographs. “By creating this system, we can give trainee doctors as much time as they need to familiarise themselves with how to perform the appropriate systematic processes, identify which signs indicate conditions like diabetes or raised in- tracranial pressure, and eliminate the need for stand-in patients,” says Dr. Andrew Wilson, associate professor at Birmingham City University. Proudly Supporting Independent CANADIAN EYE CARE PROFESSIONALS with buying group benefi ts since 1988 Ad_1.indd 1 8 EYE FOCUS | August 2018 www.theopticalgroup.ca 1.800.263.0010 17-05-31 9:40 AM