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1. GET MORE CUSTOMERS 2 . GET CUSTOMERS TO SPEND MORE MONEY Sounds simple, but it is anything from a simple strategy. Getting new consumers into your optical takes a science of marketing and exposure. You need to be where an eyecare consumer is searching when they are in the market for a provider or service. This means showing up on the first page of Google and other Internet browsers. You can ensure this happens with a great website, SEO, Google AdWords and Google maps. This strategy only happens if your team is ready to get better at sales and promotional offers. If you want people to buy more, you have to give them a reason to. This starts with recommendations in the exam room, personal hand off to the dispensary, bonus offers on second pair sales and addi- tional value like a gift with purchase so the sales team has the tools they need to keep sales in the business. Adding accessories and upsell opportunities are also important. 3. GET CUSTOMERS TO COME IN MORE FREQUENTLY 4. GET NEW CUSTOMERS FROM OTHER SOURCES One of the biggest opportunities we have in our industry is to get consumers off the 2.4 years for an eye exam and eyewear trend. We need to get people coming back in more regularly and thinking about updating their eyewear every year instead of every two years. This takes a conscious effort of establishing the fashion guidelines that everyone needs a wardrobe of eyewear. Build an effective way to recall and remind people to come in and visit you. Time to think pas H\X[[و[Y]HXXH܂X[ܙH[[[]][YHX[\H[ܙX\BHۜ[Y\H[X\]ˈ\[[YHZ[[˜HXH\XH[H^YH܈\[ۈ\\H܈][[YH[[][H[\[ۈX\ܚY\ˈX^XH[B\\]HX\[[X܈\\[Y[\H\XB[H]HH[]X[Hو[X[ۜ[Y\˂K\x)^Z[X\ٝ[[\H[\[\Z\™Yܝ[ܙX]]]K\H\[]Xܝ[]H[\\[\\ˈH\]H܈][Xۈ] UTQTQTTSB[\\\Hو]\Y\\H\Y\[B[XYH]K^Hۛ[H[ݙH[K^HZ[H[H\܈[H[[\\[\ˈ][HY\[ܘ[B]]\[[[]^\[\\[\Y\\BY\Z\Y[[[Z[H[[]]]]\KBۙHۛX]] []\[ۙHXX[YH^H\H[[\\[\[K[XZ[[][X][ۜX]Hܘ[B\[\YY][[\ٙXH[ۛ[KYH\\\HQ[\و PH\[\œ\\H\[H܈^YX\Hٙ\[ۘ[ˈ P\^]\[ۜX\][Z[[X[YYXK؜]K^KBY[[][˂VQHT]Y\ N