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BESPECULAR BeSpecular is another app that matches sighted volunteers with visually impaired users. The visually impaired person takes a photo of what he or she needs help with and attaches a voice message, which is sent to a community of volunteers. Within minutes, the user receives a reply and then rates the helpfulness of the volunteer. GLASSIFY Consider Glassify as a research tool that can be used before visiting an ECP. The app allows people to try on hundreds of styles of frames and glasses so they know which shapes, models and colours look best on their face. Glassify uses face-detection technology and augmented reality to virtually overlay different eye glasses and sunglasses on the face. By using a phone's camera and face detection and recogni- tion algorithm, Glassify identifies the facial landmarks and overlays the frames on the person’s face. BE MY EYES Be My Eyes is a free app that connects blind or visually impaired people with sighted volunteers. Users can request help from a sighted volunteer, who will receive a notification. As soon as a sighted volunteer accepts the request, a live audio-video connection is established between the two people. The average pick-up time for a helper is 30 seconds across 182 languages. The blind or visually impaired user can get help with anything, from knowing the expiry date on milk to making sure their clothes match. EYE FOCUS | August 2018 23