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Essilor Academy Canada’s new Varilux Xpert certification program The new Varilux Xpert certification program from Essilor Academy Canada is designed for eyecare professionals who want in-depth knowl- edge of the Varilux brand, specifications and history in order to be able to demonstrate its value with confidence and thereby grow their sales. The online course includes eight hours of classes divided into three modules: Varilux Classics, Varilux series and Varilux Specialized, to be completed in three months. Very flexible, it easily adapts to the schedule of eyecare professionals. Participants can activate the training in one click at the time of their choice, interrupt it if necessary and resume it just as easily. Upon certification, participants master the technical details and scientific data of all Varilux products and are more confident that they can recommend the right Varilux product to their customers. “In addition, by becoming a Varilux Xpert,” explains Martin Lespérance, director-training & development at Essilor Canada, “the p rofes- sional can put forward his expertise in visual health and thus better meet the needs of consumers who always prefer to do business with a person who has advanced knowledge of products and shares it with enthusiasm.” The Varilux Xpert certification is an addition to Essilor Academy Canada's training and devel- opment program. This initiative allows the company to fulfil its mission of Improving lives by improving sight, by promoting motivation and passion into learning, maximizing imple- mentation and producing rapid results. Nearly 200 eyecare professionals have already joined the program. For any questions about the Varilux Xpert program or any other training given by Essilor Academy Canada, contact essilor.academy@essilor.ca. ‘Looking for Condensed Opticianry Training?’ Next ‘Morning class’ begins September 10th, 2018 BCCO ‘fast-track’ program is only 6-months instead of the usual 2-years. .. a great opportunity for someone to apply themselves and get into the workforce in a short time. Our program is comprised of both classroom learning and hands-on practical training, and our expert instructors provide up-to-date real-world experience with simulated work environments. BCCO grads have excellent NACOR exam results. BC College of Optics (604) 581-0101 www.bccollegeofoptics.ca | #208 - 10070 King George Blvd. Surrey BC 37 EYE FOCUS | August 2018 17