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Q. What sets Specsy’s app/ technology apart from that of other companies? Q. What improvements/enhance- ments are Specsy hoping to make in the future? A. Our technology is unique because we are the first company that has seamlessly bridged the entire digital design and custom frame production process. While other companies have focused on either a digital design process paired with hand craftsman- ship or 3D printing of a standardized frame, we are the first to bring these two pieces of the equation together. A. We have some exciting enhancement coming out on both the product and app sides of our business. duce the concept of digital design and custom eyewear to their customers. Q. How have ECPs responded to Specsy’s technology? Our web-based custom frame design app is really where the Specsy magic happens. Our retail partners receive a 3D scanner as part of their Specsy Retail kit, which allows them to capture a 3D scan of their patient's head. The 3D scan is uploaded to our web-based app through which ECPs design custom frames on the patient's dimensionally accurate 3D scan. Whether it's colour, temple length or frame width, ECPs can customize every element of their patient's frame through our custom frame design app. A. We have found ECPs to be over- whelmingly excited and supportive about our technology. There is always the risk that something this unique will be perceived as too different or scary, but we have instead found that ECPs have embraced our technology as the future of optical, and are eager to grow alongside us. On the app side, we are working on our frame designer app, which will allow ECPs to design custom frames shapes from scratch. We can't wait to see the creative ideas that this unleashes. Q. Please tell our readers about Specsy’s apps and how they work. A. Our Augmented Reality (AR) app is preloaded on the tablet that our retail partners receive as part of their Specsy Retail Kit. Our AR app is similar to Snapchat or Instagram filters, as it over- lays optical frames onto a live video of your face. However, in our case, the frames can be customized and resized through the app. Our AR app is really a fun marketing and engagement tool that our retail partners use to intro- 14 EYE FOCUS | August 2018 We are launching a new nylon material in the coming weeks, which is incred- ibly durable, with a contemporary matte finish. We will be utilizing a completely different 3D printing pro- cess to produce frames in this material. Q. Since Specsy is so web-based, please let us know other ways you use technology to promote/ enhance your business. A. You name it, we're on it! Since we are such a digital, tech-based company, it just makes sense for us to connect with ECPs through digital platforms. You can find us on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter @realspecsy.