Extraordinary Health Magazine Extraordinary Health Vol 25 - Page 49

NON GMO VER Project I FI E D no ngmoproject.org From Seed to Soil to Harvest It all starts with organic, non-GMO seeds. harvested by hand, and, while it’s still fresh and teeming with The organic fruits, veggies and herbs life, it’s made into powerful food powders that deliver almost used in mykind Organics, such as the Amla all of the vitamins and minerals we require every day. It’s farmed berries and the holy basil leaves, by people for people—and it’s not engineered by a corporation, all begin as organic, non-GMO seeds synthesized by a lab or tableted with the latest, greatest and planted in organic soil that is naturally best-sticking glues. rich in nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium and diverse probiotics and enzymes. But there’s even more to the traceability story. Then, they’re fed organic compost Every batch is validated, and from the field to the powder, and other organic fertilizers, and are the organic farming is verified and certified—free of genetically never sprayed with toxic chemical pesticides or weed killers. modified organisms (GMOs) and toxic chemicals, such as fertilizers All of this takes place on a unique farm in Southern India and pesticides. which employs local village women, paying fair wages while also supporting a best-in-class local village school. From the powder to the manufacturer, the potencies are tested and guaranteed to meet the label claim. Likewise, the botanical Before long, it’s time to harvest these organic fruits, veggies sources are all confirmed by assays that are so precise that they and herbs. They are harvested—by hand—at their peak for show the part of the actual plant that is used. For example, maximum flavor and nutrition, and then transported from not just lemons, but lemon peels. the farm to the factory within 30 minutes of harvest! Additionally, from the manufacturer to the tablet, the organic From there, the organic fruits, veggies and herbs are turned and non-GMO inputs and practices are certified again. into a powder to make our mykind Organics line, with only fresh purified water used to extract their nutrients—an innovative Then, the entire product is tested, verified and certified—USDA process with multiple international patents associated with it. Organic, Non-GMO Project Verified, Vegan.org and Gluten Free Certified. Plus, the label claims are validated for Certificate During the whole process, best-in-class quality laboratories of Analysis. and Ph.D.-bearing scientists test everything—from fingerprinting the herbals in each blend to assaying the raw fruit for all of its mykind Organics—traceable back to the seed—represents our nutrients to validating the multiple vitamins and minerals that commitment which is to deliver real, pure, kind, meaningful come from each extracted and powdered blend. nutrition that is scientifically formulated, responsibly grown, third-party certified and innovative. That’s the whirlwind tour of the traceability of mykind Organics. In short, mykind Organics is food—food grown in rich soil, Thanks for journeying with us.