Extraordinary Health Magazine Extraordinary Health Vol 25 - Page 35

Simply put, our mission is to exemplify the foundation required for a self-sustaining society built upon the “stewardship” of nature structure. They could be plants that add nitrogen, plants that have deep roots or mats of roots that create soil stability for slopes, or even plants whose roots loosen compacted soil, allowing water to soak in the landscape and allowing you to work the soil easily. In short, everything is multipurpose. You see? There is much more to gardening than meets the eye. Even water has its ups and downs—literally. We have preserved water in some cases, and lost it monumentally in others, but our goal is to find a way to not need to irrigate our fields in any way. So far, we are succeeding, but we have a lot to learn and only time will tell if this will work over the long haul. While we were scrambling to get our garden going and chicken coop built, we were at the mercy of an exceptionally rainy and steamy summer. You know Mother Nature—she is going to do what she does, so you just have to work around her! Speaking of working around . . . we also had to work around our job responsibilities and commitments as well as family obligations. We knew that going into this, but some times we sure wished there were more hours in the day! And then, every so often, there are setbacks because, well, life just happens and being human gets the best of us. For example, we lost some precious time with a window of good weather due to Jason being very ill for five days from—of all things— a bad case of food poisoning. Can you believe it? When it rains,