Extraordinary Health Magazine Extraordinary Health Vol 25 - Page 26

Extraordinary Health Magazine: Congratulations on the recent birth of your second child! How does life change with a two-month-old? Emily Deschanel: It changes a lot. The balancing act you do with one child and working is multiplied by about 50 times! I’m breast-feeding, so I’m trying to schedule that every two hours during the work day. There are a lot of new challenges, but I don’t mind. My son is so cute! EHM: Is there such a thing as achieving balance with your career, motherhood, marriage and your personal interests? Do you have any tips for others striving to do this? ED: I’ve realized that you simply can’t do everything, at least not every day. For instance, maybe you can’t exercise one day because you need more time with your kids. When I’m not able to be with my sons, I like to leave some reminders for them. I write notes to my oldest son, Henry, and put them in his lunchbox, or I’ll leave a note for him to find near his bed when he wakes up so he’ll know that I’m thinking about him. EHM: You’ve been a vegan for most of your life. Are you raising your kids vegan? ED: They are not 100 percent vegan, and neither is my husband. The kids are about 99 percent vegan, and that’s because I let them eat eggs occasionally with their dad. I think it’s a great way to feed your babies. Henry loves veggies, and he’s totally into it. Someone gave him candy at a party not long ago and he asked, “Why did they give this to me? I don’t eat candy!” So, I’m really proud of him because nutrition is important to me, and I love it when I have these victories. I know it can sometimes be tricky to feed kids, but I openly offer healthy vegan options and cultured vegetables to them all the time. EHM: Describe your diet for us. What are your favorite foods? ED: I have a very alkaline diet. I love to drink green juices and eat lots of salads. I also like to make a habit of eating as many different colors of vegetables as I can. As for treats, of course, there’s fruit and you can even get vegan chocolate. For Easter, I buy little chocolate vegan bunnies and give them to everyone. ED: I don’t sit a lot. I try to stand or walk more because it’s so much better than sitting around. During the day, I’ll do little bursts of exercise such as 30 squats, and then I’ll try to keep moving all day long. I’ve learned it’s not good to avoid exercising entirely just because you don’t have time for a full workout at the gym that day. I focus on getting in a few minutes of exercise here and there when I can! Photos by Brian Bowen Smith EHM: What other things do you do to stay healthy?