Exquisite Arts Magazine Vol 4 - Page 8

Your art pieces are full of life , not only are they unique but they are very vibrant . Tell us about your artistic background , what inspired you to become an artist ?
Thanks , I ’ m glad to read these words as it ' s something I want to include in my art . Well , when I was a child I used to play with toys a lot , I was very attracted to them and could spend hours amazed in shops looking at the packaging of the toys . I think this is an element that could explain a bit of my attraction for colors and images . I used to draw monsters and weird things . Then I studied art history and then visual communication after high school . This led me to watch the design and illustration scenes . I ' ve learned to paint digitally and traditionally , I ’ m self-taught . I used to watch videos and tutorials on the web and then after experimenting a lot , I built images , mostly portraits and compositions with humans , that ' s definitely something I like to draw and paint .
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Tell us more about your artistic style .
I think my “ artistic style ” was shaped by the design and illustration scene and also by the digital medium . I ' ve learned to paint digitally first and then I tried to paint on real canvas . My process is pretty similar and I ’ m influenced by the process in digital . I ' m trying to include this into my traditional paintings . Vibrant colors and energy are something I ' ve included in my art because of the digital background that I have . In my art and my style I want to confront “ abstract graphic lines ” with more classical painted elements . I ' m drawing each character and I ’ m starting to paint them using a pretty classical method , I ’ m including various techniques and mediums ( pochoirs , markers , spray paint ). I like to mix these .
As mentioned your artwork contains a vibrant array of colours . How important is the use of colour in your artistry ? Is there a special method to your colour selection ?