Exquisite Arts Magazine Vol 4 - Page 45

Your art pieces are colorful with an interesting blend of texture and creativity . What is your artistic background ?
I have pursued painting , drawing , sculpting and printmaking . My art is mostly self-taught . However in Liberal Arts College , I took basic art classes . At this time I was encouraged and inspired by two teacher-artists : Seymour Rosofsky and Robert Nickle .
After college I tried freelance art jobs , but it was not for me . So I worked at non-art jobs for over 30 years . During these years my free time was limited , but I produced a drawing every few months , which resulted in a solo exhibit of my art in 1982 . Since 1985 many of my drawings have been published in Rambunctious Review poetry journal based in Chicago , IL . They used my art on their cover two times . In the last two years I started putting my art on the internet with on-line galleries .
You stated that your work is an expression of the variety of energy between the conscious and unconscious mind . What fascinates you about the mind and why did you choose to explore this concept ?
I think of everything in graphic terms . This is not unusual . Technology , science , everyday visual life ( emoji ) is full of graphic symbols . Philosophy and meditation are subjects of the mind . The opposites of rational-irrational , matter-energy , conscious-unconscious , these are rich subjects for my art because they are in constant tension with each other . My task as an artist is to create shapes that represent concepts like rational and irrational , and then diagram the flow of energy between them . These shapes and energy are guided by my conscious and unconscious mind . ( See line drawing “ Currents Over Reason ”).
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