Exquisite Arts Magazine Vol 4 - Page 42

abstracts that I was envisioning . I like to paint by laying out the canvas directly on the ground so I can move around it to see all angles and paint with a different perspective . Acrylic paint mixes well and dries faster .
You stated that abstract art defines the simplicity and complexity of the feelings and emotions vibrating in each of us .
What is your opinion regarding the notion that abstract art should not be held to the same degree of credibility as realism art ?
I don ’ t agree . Realism art has been part of humanity for centuries and will always have its place but abstract art is gaining ground and should be treated equally as it is bringing a new dimension of understanding feelings and emotions . Realism art could be a beautiful box but abstract art could be what you don ’ t see outside and inside the box and that is what I want to explore .
Your artwork is immaculate with great attention to detail . How did you get your start as an artist ? What is your artistic background ?
I was born in a family of musicians and artists so it was easy to pick up their passion for music and art at an early age . My grandfather played violin and piano and did oil paintings during his retirement . My dad plays guitar and harmonica with his sister and 6 brothers who all play different instruments . Every time the family meets , it ’ s a rock concert or unplugged version happening !
It appears that the emotions are very important to you and they play a significant role in your artwork . In your opinion , comparing music and art , which modality has the greater potential for emotional expression ?
I think that art as a slight edge over music for emotional expression for an artist but this is my personal opinion . I find that you have a lot more possibilities to express yourself when creating art . When I compose a song or listen to a song , I usually feel the same about it even after listening to it or playing it for a period of time . Art is different as you release some emotions when creating it but you can feel different each time you look at it afterwards .
I started playing drums at 13 and drawing and painting at 17 . I recorded 3 albums of different genres and had my first solo exhibit at the University of Ottawa at 18 years old . Since I already knew what type of paintings that I wanted to do , I decided to get a degree in graphic design to add to my skill set .
Briefly tell us about your self-taught technique and why you enjoy working with acrylic paint .
When I started exploring with different mediums early in my career , my choice became obvious that acrylic would be the best option to create the colourful
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