Exquisite Arts Magazine Vol 4 - Page 38

Matsumoto ’ s artwork reflects the morphological transformations of our ever-evolving urban and ecological milieus that are attributed to a multitude of spatio-temporal phenomena influenced by social , economic and cultural factors . They are created as visual commentaries on speculative changes in notions of societies , cultures and ecosystems in the transient nature of constantly shifting topography and geology . The artwork explores the hybrid technique combining both traditional media ( ink , acrylic , and graphite ) and digital media ( algorithmic processing , parametric modeling , data transcoding and image compositing with custom software ). The varying scale , juxtaposition of biomorphic forms , intertwined textures , oblique projections and visual metamorphoses are employed as the multi-layered drawing methodologies to question and investigate the ubiquitous nature of urban meta-morphology , the eco-political reality of the Anthropocene epoch , the advancement of biomaterial technologies and their visual representation in the context of non-Euclidean configuration .
Furthermore , the application of these techniques allow the work to transcend the boundaries between analog and digital media as well as between two- and multi-dimensional domains . His compositional techniques imbue the work with what we see as the very essence of our sociocultural environments beyond the conventional protocols of architectural and artistic formalities , and that they conjure up the synthetic possibilities within which the spatial and temporal variations of existing spatial semiotics emerge as the potential products of alchemical procedures .
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