Exquisite Arts Magazine Vol 4 - Page 37

are your thoughts regarding this opinion ? What does abstract art mean to you ?
“ Nowadays , it seems to me that abstract art has been used to designate a multitude of trends related to nonrepresentational work in broad terms , considering its diversification in terms of style and technique over the course of a hundred years . When it comes to its relevance today , it depends on what additional dimension artists could bring to the table . In due course , we are able to keep it fresh with new ideas in order to avoid falling into the trap of the same formulaic cliché .”
What can we expect from you in the near future ?
I have upcoming exhibitions at Sebastopol Center for the Arts , Meadows Gallery University of Texas and S . Tucker Cooke Gallery UNC Asheville .
You mentioned that your artwork explores a hybrid technique . Briefly tell us more about your artistic technique .
My drawing process involves base images that are composed by 3D modeling software , incorporating generative and recursive algorithms .
Then they are overlaid with traditional media such as acrylic , ink , graphite , and photo collage . The mixed media technique allows for a certain degree of unpredictability of visual dynamics . At the same time , painterly , organic sentiments of traditional media reveal themselves amidst the otherwise detached precision of technical drawings on which they are based .
Many argue that abstract art should not be held to the same degree of credibility as realism art . What
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