Exquisite Arts Magazine Vol 4 - Page 36

Your artistic style is eclectic and very creative . What prompted your interest in creating this style of artistry ?
My interest in technology , science and art led me to take up architecture as my profession initially . I always feel that the boundaries between art and design disciplines are no longer of any significance and they tend to blur more often than not . Both fields have certain similarities in terms of their creative outlets and complement each other well as far as a multi-perspective approach to visual communication is concerned . Evidently , art and architecture share a lot in common in terms of engaging with forms , structures and color . So I could say both pathways merged naturally for me ever since I graduated from the college .
As for my artwork , I ’ ve worked with the architects who have played the pivotal roles in Metabolist movement in the 60s . So I am always aware of the open architecture / participatory techno-utopian projects that were proposed by the visionary architects of the same era , revolving around the Situationist International group . Their critical and free-spirited investigations towards the relationship between language , narrative , and cognition in fictional urban settings might have defined and influenced the way I develop and interpret the themes of my work .
How has your upbringing in Japan and Hong Kong influenced your artwork ?
I was fortunate enough to experience first hand . Hong Kong ' s rapid urbanization driven by the staggering economic growth throughout the 70s and early 80s . I was fascinated by the fact that both Kowloon Walled City and Shanghai bank building stood only a few miles apart from each other during the same period of time and it dawned on me that the juxtaposition and coexistence of polar opposite elements connote both visual tension and harmony in a fresh and somewhat intriguing way , regardless of their nature , function and field . That seeming contradiction certainly sets forth the theoretical basis and conceptual framework for my aesthetic perceptions in both visual art and urban design .
Your work explores how social , cultural and economic factors influence our ever evolving
Page 35 urban and ecological environments . Why is it important to explore this concept and based on your experience , how easy or difficult is expressing this concept through art ?
I explore and question both ecological and ethical issues of the urban sustainable environment that have been influenced by the socio-political realities of the Anthropocene through my art , albeit with the use of visual / cognitive semantics , analogical reasoning , and narrative metaphors . When human population growth and energy use began their exponential rise with great acceleration , this is the impending issue that we are bound to address . Furthermore , my projects hinge on how the scientific tenets of trans-humanism , the emergence of synthetic biotechnology and the Nano technological innovation could respond to ecological crisis of this geological epoch and eventually foster critical thinking in relation to particular issues of the Anthropocene discourse .