Exquisite Arts Magazine Vol 4 - Page 31

It Is Never a Goodbye When You Are Here In My Heart By , Phyllis

I never thought I would lose you , never see you here again The one I looked up to , the one who always made me laugh I try so hard to believe it ; it ’ s not easy to accept the facts They stare at me like a mad person when I say you are still here Because I know it is never a goodbye when you are in my heart
These days feel incomplete without you , is it real ? I asked myself a lot of questions , what if I did this ? If I could , I would bring you back , you ’ d be here I ’ d never let you go , I won ’ t even think of it But in my heart I know this is not even close to goodbye
As we slowly lay you to rest in the sand of time I know you died a legend in your own life time I will never forget the gifts you gave to the world Not only to them but to me , personally I know it ’ s not goodbye ; you are engraved in my heart
This is the last chapter , with a brand new beginning From the ashes I know you will rise like a phoenix I will wait patiently for the day we will meet again I will wait patiently for the time we will spend together For now I know you are not gone yet You are in my heart , there is where you belong So I ’ ll hold you close and I will never let go For it is never a goodbye when you are in my heart
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