Exquisite Arts Magazine Vol 4 - Page 23

“ Abstract Art Should not be held to the same credibility as realism art ”

It is said widely that art saved humanity ; it ’ s been there as a language for all to understand when there was hardly any form of fruitful interaction amongst humans . The popular and accepted definition of art as means of expressing one ’ s desires was copped from there and no better definition has threatened the standing truth .
It is an age long argument to contend with whether abstract art is genuine art and if they should be held in the same credibility as real art , the abstract art faithful easily point to the fact that abstract art is credible and that the diverseness should be appreciated than battered . Referring back to the simple definition of art as a means of expressing oneself , it becomes a staggering task to start to understand why a genre of art which makes communication between artist and audience difficult should be dignified as an art at all , let alone be a genre of art . If the foremen had only abstract art to call on then civilization might still have been a few light years back because disagreements will emanate from interpreting the abstract arts .
Realism art on the other hand gets a lot of backing by artists and art lovers ; it is famous and rightly so because a form of art whose message can easily be decoded has to be appreciated by everyone . It just defines life situations the way they are without too many masks , and though the chaotic result of the abstract art can be a little more bearable if it is called a diverse form of art , compared to realism art , abstract art shouldn ’ t be given as much reverence as it is .
Putting the main purpose of art in perspective , Gustave Corbert ’ s definition of art as “ the attempt to represent subject matter truthfully , without artificiality and avoiding artistic conventions , implausible , exotic and supernatural elements ” should serve as a guide to upcoming artists , and a guide as to why abstract art doesn ’ t make the cut as a real and authentic form of art .
Realism art also boasts a much longer duration of patronage being in the works since the 18 th century , precisely by 1850 in France . This goes to tell that abstract art which mainly kicked off in the 20 th century may have passed the test of time but not to the extent of realism art .
In the end every form of art is meant to be enjoyed and criticism is barely necessary when little or no change will follow , but it is important to draw a boundary between realism art and abstract art in a bid to bring the age long argument of whether abstract art is genuine art and if they should be held in the same credibility as real art to an end .
Authored by : Fidel Webber
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