Exquisite Arts Magazine Vol 4 - Page 20

Should Abstract Art

Credibility as

Yes or No ? What

“ Yes ... Abstract is Genuine Art ! ”

WHAT IS ABSTRACT ART ? Abstract art is widely judged to be the most unusual form of art with very little chance of being interpreted by anyone other than the artist . The fact that the term is defined by the terms non-objective art , nonrepresentational , concrete art , and nonfigurative art speaks volumes of the abstract art works . Like all other types of art it seeks to pass a message to the audience but without employing familiar artistry . Here a spontaneous and irregular range of shapes , colors , forms and gestural marks are put together by the artist to help express the way the artist ’ s mind is wired at the moment . Abstract paintings follow in the same principle of irregularities ; something that seems like a messy use of colors is reflected on the artist ’ s canvas . Abstract arts usually mask a lot of
Page 19 information but do not fail to tell the artist had some degree of emotional moments .
Over the years , finding answers to the question whether abstract art is genuine art and if they should be held in the same credibility as real art has been a fine way to split opinions around the world , and this article is just another opinion picking a side of the argument . It is abysmal to label an art as inauthentic simply because it is too deep , or too abstract , or based on the difficulty involved in interpreting its meaning . If the true definition of art is drawn from the dusty archives , the explanation of art as a pictorial means an artist employs to unload his expressions on to a canvas should serve as enough argument as to why abstract art is real , genuine and authentic .
The opposite number of abstract art , the popular realism art is a much more accepted