Exquisite Arts Magazine Vol 4 - Page 18

Montreal influenced my style profoundly . We are
I think anything goes for abstract or realistic in terms of credibility . What matters is whether the result is transformational in the way your audience is moved . If it speaks for itself , then it ’ s successful , be it abstract or realistic .
What can we expect from you in the near future ? What are your goals ?
I feel encouraged to keep expanding my body of work , now that it has been recognized . I ’ d love to do a one man show some time in the near future and continue to educate my audience about this unique medium . “ Twins ” will be making its debut at Monmouth Museum ’ s “ 38th Annual Juried Art Exhibition ” in Lincroft , New Jersey until March 13 , 2017 . We are also in the process of taking pictures for a book we hope to publish by next year . And I ’ d like to open up my home studio and gallery on Oyster Creek in Damariscotta , Maine , during the summer months so that visitors can enjoy my ever expanding sculpture garden , see my latest creations , and purchase custom made jewellery .


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