Exquisite Arts Magazine Vol 4 - Page 10

I often visit museums in France , mostly in Paris but you can find interesting ones in most parts of France .
This past week I visited the Quai Branly museum in Paris ( very close to the Eiffel tower ); that ' s a great museum about ethnic art from all over the world , a great tribute to diversity , culture and creativity .
I ' ve also visited the “ Musée d ' Orsay ” also in Paris , the museum in itself is a masterpiece , that ' s an old train station but it was transformed very successfully into a museum . It ’ s really worth the visit especially if you like “ impressionist movement in painting .” I would recommend also “ le Louvre ” of course , probably the richest museum we have in France and centre Pompidou for “ modern and contemporary art .”
What can we expect from you in the near future ? What are your goals ?
I ' m currently working on developing and experimenting on this path I ’ ve taken recently . I will exhibit my first row of canvas and will start some new ones . This is something important for me as I ’ ve never done this before with my traditional paintings . I did not find a venue yet but I ’ m on the lookout to find one .
I will also work digitally as it ’ s a part of my creative process . One of my main goals in the near future is to get more exposure . I ' m open to opportunities and I ’ ll see what 2017 has for me . Every year has its new challenges and I ’ m taking this as a “ space discovery .” Every year I ' m landing on a new planet , I have to search for life and interesting stuff to discover here .
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