Express Program August 12 2018 - Page 35

Host Family Program The Santolin family with Aaron Shortridge, Ryan Hamilton, Austin Schulfer, and Ripken Reyes. “It has personally been a rewarding experience for our family to host the Eau Claire Express base- ball players. Being there for them through the good times and the rough times are all part of the hosting experience. Watching these young college aged players come to Eau Claire to play their hearts out all summer long is a wonderful opportunity for the Eau Claire community. As host parents and Express fans, we believe these young men have been great sports role models for our community! We have been blessed to have hosted fifteen players to date. They have become part of “our family”. To receive a text message or phone call saying “Happy Birthday” from one of our past players still brightens our day, which brings back great memories of our times together. We always wish all of our players well.” – Barb & Craig Santolin, host family since 2006 For more information on how to become an Express Host Family, visit our website ( or contact Dale Varsho at the Express office: 102 E. Grand Ave. Eau Claire, WI 54701 715-839-7788 35 Eau Claire Express