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MAKING A DIFFERENCE Taking care of Corsicana Hometown health Corsicana High School Hometown Medical Associates MAKING A DIFFERENCE Shade Boulware Shade Boulware has always been a Corsicana tiger at heart. From attend- ing Corsicana High School growing up to playing foot- ball on the team and finally coaching a set of his own Tigers, he knows a thing or two about the blue and gold. While he may have left to pursue other ventures, Boulware has returned and is now the high school principal. The students and staff admire him, and he has come a long way with his ideals for the district and the community as a whole. Take Care of Corsicana, or T.C.C. as it is known to most, has become a motto that is known by CHS students and beyond. The vision behind the phrase is for students to take care of themselves, those around them and the community they all share. The influence this has had on the school and students as a whole truly shows the moment you walk in the school’s double doors. The change in the culture, both in and out of the classrooms, has moved to a more posi- tive mindset. Attendance has increased due to a desire to come to school and overall the campus has been a safe place at which to spend quality time. One of the many programs started by Boulware has been “High Five Fridays.” The idea behind the concept is to spread positivity and interaction between the high school and elementary students to give them role mod- els to look up to. Students from different organizations at the high school level alternate visiting local elemen- tary schools every other Friday to spend time with the younger children. The program has such wonderful feedback that Navarro College students now attend the schools every alternating Friday to make sure the children get a visit every Friday. Along with his dedication to the schools and the district as a whole, Boulware also loves spending time with his family and wife, Dani and their three children; Harper, 9, McCoy, 6 and Mays, who is 2. His wife is also passionate about education and is the district Certified Education Foundation director. They enjoy spending time together as a family attending their children’s sporting events and practices. Another passion they share is raising cows. While he has made a major difference in the lives of many students, Boulware plans to continue bringing in new initiatives and positive experiences for recent and future students to enjoy. Charles Dunnahoe Where the beautiful oak door is on Collin St. downtown, Charles Dunnahoe, who has a Masters of Sci- ence in Nursing, is practicing “old school” medicine at Hometown Medical Associates. He believes in people getting per- sonal attention and education from their medical provider. Hometown Medical Associates is a family practice, and Dunnahoe can help with Ob/Gyn, orthopedics, labs, medication management, weight loss, cosmetic injections and more. He is taking new patients. In addition to the clinic, Dunnahoe is team sports medical provider for Navarro College, and as of last season, is serving in the same capacity with Corsi- cana High School football team. He performs sports physicals at local high schools in the county and donates the money back to the schools. Dunnahoe is also a Navarro College Scholarship provider. In his career, Dunnahoe has served as a travel nurse specializing in ICU, ER and trauma, been a para- medic in a busy 911 system, and served as a volunteer fireman. He works with Elite SportsMedicine in Waco in Orthopedics, in an attempt to bring more ortho to Corsicana. He is on the board of directors at the Warehouse Living Arts Center, and he serves on the Derrick Days committee as well. Dunnahoe and wife Alyssa are active in downtown, with a residence there, and collaborations with other downtown businesses. Alyssa has a macaron busi- ness, and often her macarons are for sale at Timbers, also on Collin St. They are very active in the theater, and at Outside the Lines where they participate in Improv nights. Charles loves theatre, comedy, acting, public speak- ing and tech stuff, and also enjoys movies, scuba div- ing, and shooting sports. E X P LO R E C O R S I C A N A |   C O R S I C A N A DA I LY S U N | J A N - M A R C H 2 0 1 9 33