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MAKING A DIFFERENCE MAKING A DIFFERENCE Bob Reddish Cars of Navarro County Backing the blue Robert Reddish is a prime example of a guy who took something he’s passionate about — in this case, hot rods — and turned it into a way to help others. Many, many others. He moved to Navarro County in order to move his Hot Rod shop to a 15,000 square foot facility on I-45 in Rice. He purchased the acreage in Rice and built a house in his off-time, later adding a 7,500 square foot shop that he currently works out of. Reddish has been promoting car shows since he was 18 with a Car Club in Madison, Wisconsin. He has never actually counted the number of car shows he’s put on in Navarro County, but he does know over $175,000 has been raised for local charities by the car shows. Cars of Navarro County/Reddish has done multiple shows for the Navarro County Food Pantry, several animal shelters in three counties, multiple 4-H groups, several for the Wound- ed Warrior Project, several for Patriot Paws, as well as individuals such as Eric Galvan, a sol- dier who lost limbs in Afghanistan; the family of Perry Calvin, a fireman who lost his life in the West fertilizer plant explosion. His car shows have helped raise money for Mary Peterson Day Care Center, and the Boys & Girls Club of Navarro County. For several years he headed up the Derrick Days car shows. Then after the murder of the five officers in Dallas (including Corsicana’s own Brent Thompson), Reddish did a large car show for Thompson, late CPD officer Chester Jones’ family, and James Darren Murray’s family after his death. Reddish helped to establish the Navarro County Fallen Officer’s Fund, which has paid benefits to multiple families of deceased Navarro County First Responders since. He’s also a great negotiator, working with Frank Kent Chevrolet to get donated vehicles (such as a Camaro they raffled at Derrick Days) to raise money for specific equipment needed by the city’s first responders. Funds for an MWRAP were raised, and much other necessary equipment, and the MWRAP was renovated at Reddish’s shop as a donation with the help of Corsi- cana Police Department officers in their free time. Dr. Mike Eeds Navarro Dental Center One tooth at a time D r. Mike Eeds and wife Evie moved here less than 10 years ago. During this time, they’ve become involved in many aspects of Corsicana life. The couple started Navarro Dental on W. Second Ave., in a beautiful new building they built. It’s a thriving, busy dental practice that employs many people. On differ- ent occasions, he “declares” a day of free dentistry, to honor veterans or care for other groups. Mike and Evie are members of First Baptist Church. Mike plays a guitar in the Praise Band every Sunday morning, and Evie is active on several committees. Evie has been president of the Rotary Club. Mike plays in the band “Triple Nickle,” that per- forms and entertains in the area. He also collects and repairs motorcycles and antique cars. The Eeds’ daughter, Ericka, recently moved here and purchased Corsicana Chiro- practic from the retiring Dr. Frank Means. They are all assets to the Corsicana com- munity. Eeds has gone on mission trips to Guatemala, Costa Rica, the Amazon River, Brazil and Dominican Republic. He is a sup- porter of: Humane Society, Navarro County Youth Expo, Dancing for Our Stars, Salvation Army, Rotary Club and United Way. Eeds said his vision for the future of Navarro Dental is to try to fulfill his God-given potential. To be actively involved in giving back to his community and to provide an atmosphere of mutual trust and respect for both his team and his patients while developing his team both personally and profesionally. “We will also continue to strive to be the best dental office we can possibly be, exceeding our patients’ expectations,” he said. Dr. Eeds is frequently quoted as saying “This great team we have at Navarro Dental Center is greater than the sum of it’s parts.” This is his way of saying that the culture that has been created at NDC is unique and special. “We all try to keep in mind our responsibility we have to serve our community, giving our best at all times. We also are aware that a group of indi- viduals who work together do become like family,” he said. One year ago, an opportunity became available for Dr Eeds to take over the practice of a friend in Ennis who was retiring, Dr. Ron Oglesby. It is now Ennis Dental Center. 32 J A N - M A R C H 2 0 1 9 |   C O R S I C A N A DA I LY S U N | E X P LO R E C O R S I C A N A