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MAKING A DIFFERENCE MAKING A DIFFERENCE Body and soul Adelaide Castillo Lady Diana’s Zen Cafe, Dancing for our Stars Adelaide Castillo is part of the lovely mom and daughter duo that make up Lady Diana’s Zen Cafe and Shall We Dance studio. While she may be a co-owner in both, her services go far beyond the job description. The cafe itself has been involved in several community events such as the downtown Spooktacular, Trunk-or-Treat, and the Easter Hop. They have also hosted the Navarro County Humane Society for its annual Santa Paws event where the shelter raises money to spay, neuter and feed the animals they rescue. The Shall We Dance studio has also been working with the community on the Dancing for our Stars event for the past three years. Castillo has traveled to Dallas to learn more about creating choreography, teaching dance and anything in between to bring the dances and the entertainment to life. Her motivation for this is the knowledge that the votes will lead towards scholarships for those within the community. After finding out she had an aggressive tumor on her hip at 19, Castillo had to have surgery, forcing her to learn to walk again and recover in a wheelchair. She was attending Texas Tech university at the time and with the support of her sorority sisters, began using yoga as a therapeutic tool for her overall healing. Once she recov- ered, she had gained almost 70 pounds post-surgery and knew she had to make a lifestyle change. This lead her to learning more about overall fitness and food working together as a unit to benefit the body as a whole. She became a fitness supervisor at Tech and continued expanding her knowledge about her passion for health. All of the fads and ideas in dieting became clear to her when she began to try and do something simple: make real food, with real ingredients that actually tastes good. She began by using her experience from her time working at Olive Garden to make copies of those same recipes, but healthier and fresher. This lead to a whole new concept at Lady Diana’s involving meal-prepped lunches and dinners, keto foods and drinks along with a several types of tea and coffee as well. In her eyes, Castillo sees food as a way to connect all three of her main pillars in life: health, food and her belief in Christ. She uses the gift of food that is handmade with love to bless those around her along with her fitness instruction. Castillo is still looking for new opportunities to make a difference. She has been teaching a kids’ yoga class with a story and dance party ending, along with starting to work towards a new program focused on trauma yoga outreach. In theory, the class will be for those who need to heal from past traumatic experiences through bonding with others and expressing emotions to build up inner confidence. She has become yoga and trauma certified and cannot wait to bring this next chapter to the studio. As the businesses plans for a change in location, Castillo looks forward to all of the new possibilities and blessings it will bring for the community of Corsicana and beyond. 30 MAKING A DIFFERENCE Selling dreams Courtney Neiman Premier Realty Courtney Nei- man has become a trusted name within the com- munity as a person to find your dream home and beyond. She has opened a new office space downtown, be- gan her own real estate company, Premiere Reality, and handles being a mother all at the same time. Born in Corsicana, Neiman attended school in Fair- field. She then went to Lubbock Christian University on a softball scholarship. She earned her bachelors degree in business administration and came back to Corsicana to work at a local bank. Knowing she always wanted to give back to her community, Neiman began selling real estate. This led her to finding her true passion and allowed for her to make connections within the community. Her goal is to see Corsicana grow and she helps people do that by finding a space they can call their own. She now lives her own dream through helping others find their joy in a home. Neiman has given back to her community in so many ways including donating to the Boys and Girls Club, Navarro County Youth Expo, the Hope Center, 100 Club and the Brittany Everett foundation and the Navarro County Humane Society. Her Christmas tour this past season also helped to fund some of these local charities with donations. By using Facebook as a way to rally her support- ers, Neiman has allowed her followers to share certain posts to receive a $1 donation from her company to the charity of their choice. She also does numerous giveaways and discounts through her business to new and old clientele. She recently became a broker at her company, allow- ing her to hire three other agents, and more to come in the future. Her office downtown was purchased with a long list of issues, a few of which are from the fire the building had previously. The renovations allowed for new office space with ample opportunity for growth. Aside from her growing business she enjoys time with her husband, Chris, and their adorable 2-year-old son, Cooper. Some of her hobbies include hunting and skiing. J A N - M A R C H 2 0 1 9 |   C O R S I C A N A DA I LY S U N | E X P LO R E C O R S I C A N A