Explore Corsicana January-March 2019 - Page 27

MAKING A DIFFERENCE Super volunteer Putting out fires All about the kids Navarro County Electric Co-Op Corsicana Fire Rescue Chief Corsicana ISD Counselor Mark Rash Mark Rash has been with Navarro County Electric Coop for 39 years, and is a respected employee and friend to all who work with him. When lights go out, you will find him working all night to help return power to his customers. But this is only a fraction of what makes him special. Mark is an asset to our com- munity, volunteering on many boards, including past Chairman of the Palace Theater, President of the Navarro County Boys and Girls Club, American Cancer Society, to name a few. When suddenly struck with a life-threatening illness a few years ago, friends and family bombard- ed God with prayers for Rash’s recovery. In his days of recovery, he continued to make sure his friends in need were cared for, by him baking his famous pies, decorating for Christmas, sending out cards, making phone calls and home visits. His energy is endless, even when overwhelmed by pain. Christmas is his special holiday, and making sure children experi- ence the season is most important to him. He is a perfect Santa in foster homes and to children all over Navarro County. The love and sincerity he conveys is price- less and shows in all he does. Paul Henley Fire Chief Paul Henley came to Corsi- cana in 2018 and has made a measurable impact on the Fire Department through his vast knowledge of Fire and Rescue, not to mention his people skills. His ties to tradi- tion have brought unique ceremonies to the Department, from the official “push in” ceremony for a new fire truck and ceremonial retirement of vehicles, to the acknowledge- ment of true grit and bravery on the job for his staff. In addition, his new pinning ceremonies involved the entire “fire family” (with wives, children, parents, etc. included) when recruits achieve goals and milestones, which bring pride to the entire force. He adds special touches to his department with his thoughtfullness of little things, such as sending children of his firefighters a birth- day card with a $2 bill. His training exercises and safety programs are superb for the city of Corsicana. He makes an effort to attend local events and social functions, involves himself in aspects of city government and most of all, elevates people around him to higher standards. While the Corsicana Fire Rescue is an inherently reactive organization and will continue to be, Henley’s focus highlights the need for prevention and being as proactive as possible in fire prevention, EMS preven- tion, elements of community paramedicine and overal community education. The Chief focuses on how the department adds value to improve the quality of life for Corsicana residents, hoping every interaction with the department to be positive with unsurpassed patient care and unmatched customer service. This attitude has equated to higher morale, increased productivity and increased safety. Patricia Daniels You won’t find someone who makes more of a difference in the lives of middle school students at Collins Interme- diate than Patricia Daniels. She was an extremely popular counselor at Corsicana High School before moving to Col- lins recently. She makes the kids feel special, loved and important — every day. When Mrs. Daniels speaks to them, the kids pay attention and it’s obvious they respect her and appreciate her attention. She makes each child feel like the most important person in the world when they talk to her. She doesn’t rush or try to hurry them, she listens like she actually cares — because she does. Most likely if you asked each kid in the school who Mrs. Daniels’ favorite is, each one would name themselves. Not only does she care about them at school, but she follows up with them outside of school. Attending games, plays and other events, as well as meet- ing kids at home, Mrs. Daniels is the epitome of what a coun- selor should be. She loves what she does and it shows in her interactions with youngsters. E X P LO R E C O R S I C A N A |   C O R S I C A N A DA I LY S U N | J A N - M A R C H 2 0 1 9 27