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They will eat anything you put in the tank, even each other,” she said. “This is why they call me the ‘reptile whisperer.’” Wright said when she had exchange students, Karolyn es- caped her “forest” and was lost in the house for two months. Her mother comes to visit from Hous- ton and will just move from tank to tank gazing at the creatures. In a bedroom there is a giant 100-gallon tank filled with bright- ly-colored fish, and Wright builds her own tanks, recycling pumps, filters, and other parts for use on other equipment. Two canines, Santana and Bumpy Jude, also reside at the residence. But what began her fascination with water and the sea and its creatures? “When I was 5 years old or younger, my Daddy was a lawyer, and our family vacation every year was to attend the lawyer conven- tion,” Wright said. “At age 11, I was on a cruise with my family, hanging off the side of the boat crying because I couldn’t go IN the ocean.” Her daddy, a criminal defense attorney named Ned Wade, was only off on Sundays, and on those afternoons the family would usu- ally go for a drive. Being from Houston, Wright’s preferred destination was always Galveston. Before the car came to a complete stop on those rides, Karol was out 18 and running for the beach. “At age 7, Mama told Daddy he had to build us a pool, because I loved water so much,” she said. “We always had a high school swim coach to make sure we knew how to swim. I paid my way through grad school to earn my master’s degree by giving private swim lessons. The last conversation J A N - M A R C H 2 0 1 9 |   C O R S I C A N A DA I LY S U N | E X P LO R E C O R S I C A N A