Explore Corsicana January-March 2019 - Page 17

CATCHING UP WITH... at an Exxon station.” There’s a turtle tank full of juvenile turtles in water, that she raised from when they were the size of quarters. At the foot of that tank, exists a “land habitat” for two land turtles, Sherrilyn and Karolyn. “My sister I lost three years ago was Sherri,” Wright said. “She was the calm one, and I was the adventurous one. The turtles’ personalities are the same as ours — Sherrilyn is calm and Karolyn is always trying to break out.” The piece de’ resistance in the room is the aquarium of albino frogs — amphibians you can no longer purchase. There are seven white ones and a brown one. The albino black-clawed frogs feed themselves with their “hands,” and according to Wright are dumb as a post, and for the most part look dead and bloated until she puts her hand in the tank and stirs them up. E X P LO R E C O R S I C A N A |   C O R S I C A N A DA I LY S U N | J A N - M A R C H 2 0 1 9 17