Explore Corsicana January-March 2019 - Page 16

Making waves Woman living the dream as counselor, mermaid by Deanna Kirk Karol Wade Wright is a wa- ter baby; a mermaid on land. Though she is a complex woman, the place she feels most relaxed and “at home” is in the water. It definitely is her happy place. A clinical psychologist serv- ing both adults and children, her office is filled with fla- mingos, many of which have been gifted to her. Her home, however, is full of mermaid magic, and many amphibi- ous friends she nurtures and protects. There is a large catfish named Google in a tank by himself, but in the same room is an aquarium with two older turtles; the convalescent tank, she calls it. “They’re my two old, calm, friendly turtles, Exy and Mex- ia,” she said. “I picked up this turtle on the road in Mexia, and the other one was found 16 J A N - M A R C H 2 0 1 9 |   C O R S I C A N A DA I LY S U N | E X P LO R E C O R S I C A N A