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HEALTH AND WELLNESS Just try again With the coming of the New Year comes the hope of a better tomorrow. We make our resolu- tions, perhaps by public proclamation, or maybe through secret longings. But inevitably the hum- drum of our daily routine sets in and the holiday magic wears off. So how do we stick with it when we just want to quit? First, I’d like to pose the question of whether or not you really, truly, actually want it? In his book called “The Dip,” Seth Godin says that winners quit fast, often and unapologetically until committing to stick to the right challenge for the right reason. (Paraphrased) Take a look at what it is you were hoping to achieve and then do a little mental inventory to determine whether or not it actually coincides with your big picture goals and desires. For example, I may say I want to look like Cindy Crawford (did I just date myself ?), but in reality, it’s more important to me that I be able to take time off from the gym when I just can’t even, and I may discover that in reality I’m not willing to give up the meat and cheese board from the Bistro. Maybe I really could be a contender for swimsuit model if I exercised dutifully every day, and counted every calorie for the rest of my life, but while it might seem nice, it’s not actually what I’m all about. The more realistic goal for me goes something like wanting to be strong and healthy. And that, my dear friends, can be accomplished simultaneously alongside the occasional donut and Netflix and chill day. Our efforts tend to move like a pendulum swing — either in full gear one way or the other. Work ‘till we drop or be perpetually glued to the couch. But sustainability is a dish best served along the middle path. When we learn to listen to our bodies, we learn to take rest before crashing, and to do a little bit at a time, instead of treating our endeavors like a marathon race. But then again, maybe you’re stuck at the starting line, unable to take that first step. Ask yourself why: Is it fear that’s got you paralyzed? A lack of motiva- tion, perhaps? What if it’s a thing that you absolutely have to do, whether or not you want to? My advice to you: Don’t wait until you want to. Otherwise you prob- ably would have already. For me this looks an awful lot like flossing. My dentist told me for years that I needed to nightly. But every night I just didn’t want to. Until one day I was diagnosed with the early stages of gum disease, and told I needed $2,000 worth of dental work, that involved multiple trips to the dentist, all involving needle jabs to the gums. No way, I thought, as I got a second opinion. Different doctor, same answer. My lack of diligence had caused an issue that needed to be addressed and pronto. by Shana Stein Faulhaber Pain and suffering have a great way of motivating change and these days I summon the motivation to floss nightly. Not because I want to, rather I force myself to, through the vehicle of little pep talks that go something like this … Remember how much you hated going through that whole ordeal? Remember how the dentist said it’s not just the health of your teeth and gums that will suffer if you don’t floss, but that you could actu- ally prematurely die? Remember that it only takes a minute or two to floss, and it’s really not that big of a deal at all? Now march yourself into the bathroom, and grab that tiny box, pull out some string, and get to flossing! There’s a word in recent years that’s become en vogue and it’s “adulting.” The act of behaving like an adult. What I’ve discovered is that it’s more useful for me to think about it in terms of “self parenting.” I’ve learned to treat myself like my own parent, someone who lovingly and patiently doles out ac- countability. In holding yourself accountable you just might find that your dreams become reality and that reality can be even better than you dreamed. Here’s to a bountiful 2019! CONTINUING TO TELL OUR STORY THROUGH THREE EXEMPLARY CITY EMPLOYEES Director Karie Denny Main Street & Tourism Chief Paul Henley Corsicana Fire Rescue Patrol Officer Rose Clark Corsicana Police Department Thank you for your dedication to your career and to the City of Corsicana. You are truly making a difference. 14 J A N - M A R C H 2 0 1 9 |   C O R S I C A N A DA I LY S U N | E X P LO R E C O R S I C A N A